​​​​Digital Technologies

Students in Prep to Year Two will access a range of technology provided by the school. These students will not be required to bring any technology from home.

Students in Years Three to Six will access iPads in the classroom. Parents of students in these year levels can choose from one of the following options that are aligned to DET Policy and supported by the State Education Fees Matrix.

1. BYOD - Bring your own iPad. The device must support the latest iOS operating environment. This includes 5th generation or higher iPads with a minimum storage capacity of 64GB. iPad Minis are not supported in the EQ environment.

If purchasing a new iPad for 2023 we recommend an iPad 9th or 10th generation, Wi-Fi only with storage of 256GB. 

Parents will need to purchase the apps required for each year level (listed below), provide a sturdy case & screen protector and headphones/ear buds with microphone & volume. We also recommend parents purchase iPad insurance or AppleCare+ for BYO iPads.  Devices with 4G/5G capability will require the SIM card to be removed as students will access the internet via school WiFi only.​

2. SRS - Join the Student Resource Scheme and pay $250/year to access a school owned  iPad (this includes apps, system management costs, hire of the device, case, screen protector provided by the school). The iPad must remain at school.

Parents to supply headphones/ear buds with microphone & volume.

3. Access an equity fleet. This option is for families experiencing financial hardship. Please ring the office to make an appointment with the Business Manager to discuss this option if required.

Required Apps for Year 3 to Year 6 BYO iPads for 2023

Instructions for installing these Apps on your child's iPad using Intune. 

Apple IDs 

A separate Apple ID should be created for each student.  Please use Family Sharing to create a Child Apple ID as this will allow total control over app purchases.  If this is the only Apple device in your home, we still recommend going through the process of setting up Family Sharing.  Once complete, sign out of the Family Organiser account, and then sign in under the Child Apple ID.  App purchases can then be approved by selecting "Approve in Person". 

School Setup 

To assist with the management of both school owned and BYO devices the department is using Intune, a Mobile Device Management Platform.  Intune will automatically configure Wi-Fi, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote and Email apps.  This will save parents, teachers and students a great deal of time with the initial setup of the iPad.  The Intune app will also show the free school apps that need to be downloaded for each year level.  There will be no more hunting the App Store to find the correct apps.  

Before starting the Intune set up process:

  • Know your child's school email address and password.  Please email the classroom teacher or the School's System Technician if unknown.
  • Set a passcode – minimum of four digits.  Any passcode restrictions (now found within the Screen Time section) will need to be turned off to enable the Intune App to correctly identify that a passcode has been set.
  • It is recommended that the name of the iPad be changed to only the first name followed by the initial of your surname – Class name. e.g. "Jane D – 3A".  On the iPad go to Settings > General > About > Name 

Follow the steps in the instructional video:

After Setup:

  • The student should open email and OneDrive apps and verify they are connected to the school accounts.
  • Open the Files App and add OneDrive to the list of available locations.
  • Under Settings for the apps Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie set the default storage location to OneDrive instead of iCloud.  For Safari remove iCloud as the download location
  • Under Settings > Mail, change default Account to School Email if you have multiple email accounts.
  • Install the apps listed in the comp portal app.  Parents that have previously installed a school app under their own Apple ID will be prompted to allow management if they choose to re-install that same app from the Intune Company Portal.  You can either allow management or cancel to continue to self-manage the app and data.

If you are unable to find any of the required apps within InTune please the use App Store app on the device and use the search function. Make sure that the icon on the App List provided matches the searched apps to ensure you are installing the correct app. 

student at desk with ipad

Last reviewed 14 November 2022
Last updated 14 November 2022