​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Who we are

The Ashgrove State School Parents & Citizens’ Association (P&C) is a group of interested parents and local community members who come together once a month to help meet the needs of our school and support the quality education of our children.

Parent volunteers are elected to act as an Executive Committee, however, the real strength of the P&C comes from the ideas, effort and energy of all the people from our community who make up the membership.

What we do

The main goals of the P&C, as outlined in our constitution, are:

To foster community interest in educational matters.

To encourage closer cooperation between the parents of students attending the school, other members of the community, staff and students of the school.

To provide advice and recommendations to the principal of the school on issues and concerns in respect of students and the general operation and management of the school.

To provide or assist in the provision of financial or other resources or services for the benefit of students of the school.

To perform any other functions, not inconsistent with the Act, as the Minister may decide.

These goals are achieved by providing a monthly forum for the discussion and sharing of ideas and through the organisation and instigation of fundraising and social events during the year. These events are planned and co-ordinated by the P&C and run by volunteers.

In addition, the P&C funds and manages the Tuckshop and Uniform shop – crucial services designed to support and benefit our students and school families.  There is also a Sub-Committee within the P&C that looks after a particular area of interest, the Ashgrove Aces Amateur Swimming Club.

When we meet

P&C meetings are held at Ashgrove State School in the Community Hub or Hall at 7.00pm. Meeting dates for 2023 will be held on the following Tuesday's unless otherwise notified: 28 March, 2 May, 13 June, 25 July, 12 September, 17 October, 21 November. Our next AGM will be held on 5 March 2024. 

How you can help

Become a member – All parents and community members are invited to become members of the P&C.

Attend meetings – We welcome and encourage you to attend P&C meetings to learn about what goes on in your school and to have a say about what you would like to see happening.

Volunteer – If you think you might be interested in helping out with something, no matter how small, please reach out. There are so many ways to help – can you do an hour or two at tuckshop? Do you have a business that could sponsor an event?  Do you have a professional skill from which the P&C could benefit i.e. graphic designer?  Do you want to help with the Fete (see below)?  Remember even the smallest contribution is still valuable.

Voluntary P&C Association Contribution – Each year the P&C asks for a voluntary contribution from school parents. This contribution complements the other fundraising efforts undertaken during the year and ensures the continuation of the facilities and services the P&C supplies.

Annual P&C fete

The jewel in the P&C’s fundraising crown is the annual Fete, traditionally held in May each year on the Saturday before Mothers Day.  It is a much anticipated community event and the main fundraiser for the year.  The Fete is a fantastic fun day that brings together parents, businesses and all members of the local community for a common goal.  All funds raised from this event go directly to benefit our students and our school through providing facilities, services and resources to enhance learning outcomes.

All Fete enquiries can be directed via email to

You can also keep up to date with all P&C Fete happenings in the lead up to the event by following and liking our  Ashgrove P&C Facebook page.

Excellence fund

The P&C supports an Excellence Fund to assist parents with costs when students are selected to compete in their chosen field at a Regional level or equivalent. The intention is to provide recognition for significant achievement and assist in offsetting some of the costs incurred, particularly where travel is involved. This monetary amount is dependent on the destination of the student’s activity and is available by application to the P&C.

A P&C Excellence Fund Application will only be considered for those students whose parents have paid the P&C Association contribution and/or those parents who actively contribute to the school community through volunteering.

P&C Executive

President: Simon Peric

Vice President:  Amanda Kidd

Secretary:  Anna Thomas & Emma Mezzina 

Treasurer: JP Bester

The P&C Association’s Executive Committee can be contacted via email:

Last reviewed 14 June 2023
Last updated 14 June 2023